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The Real Value of Trust in The SaaS Industry

Cloud computing and SaaS are innovations that were bound to happen. Just like the internet and the steam engine. Yet, most Thanksgiving conversations about SaaS Vendors are met with vacant expressions. Despite its lack of sex appeal, corporate spending on cloud computing services has grown from 1 billion in 2009…

Protecting E-Commerce Marketing Content and Photos Through Copyright Registration


At we regularly get calls from our e-com clients about unscrupulous businesses stealing/copying our client’s photos or marketing content.  As an online retailer your content IS the cornerstone of your business because it’s how you sell products and generally if your marketing content is good it wasn’t cheap to create.

Five US states that define data breach to include access

With the increasing incidences of consumer data breaches, entreaties for stronger data privacy protections and regulations have grown stronger. As per the US federal government’s reluctance to salvage the situation, many of the 50 US state governments appear to have taken the bull by its horn. These states’ have, through…

Relation of intermediary liability to data breaches

How is intermediary liability related to data breaches? Intermediary liability refers to the legal culpability of internet intermediaries in respect of the illegitimate, illegal, or harmful activities carried out by their users. For such culpability to arise, such user(s) must have performed such illegitimate activity(ies) through the intermediary’s offered service….

Building a good data protection program for your Business (Part 2)

Taking On-site security measure: Soon after the risks to data are collated, the next line of action would be to take appropriate physical data protection and damage measures. That can be achieved by making use of commercial record centers to store confidential hard copy documents and files. Such facilities keep…

Building a good data protection program for your Business (Part 1)

As governments around the world each race to put together updated data protection and privacy regulation frameworks that secures the interests of their citizens, one thing is for sure – businesses have no choice but to comply.  However, many businesses out there have developed cold feet, perhaps because the word…