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What is Included in Terms of Service?

Introduction When using online services or platforms, you’ve likely come across the phrase “Terms of Service” or “Terms and Conditions”, in this blog post a Terms of Service Lawyer will help you break Terms of Service and Terms and Conditions down. Terms of Service and/or Terms and Conditions are legally…


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Clickwrap vs. Browsewrap Terms and Conditions

Do Browsewrap or Clickwrap Terms and Conditions Protect Your Business? In the digital age, it’s almost impossible to avoid agreeing to some sort of terms and conditions when using online services. But have you ever stopped to think about the different types of agreements and what they entail? Specifically, the…

Are End User License Agreements Enforceable?

The general rule is that End User License Agreements are not always enforceable. However, there are instances where they are deemed enforceable as seen in the US court decisions in ProCD, Inc. v. Zeidenberg and Feldman v. Google, Inc. (2007).

Companies Prepare For Waves of Data Breach Lawsuits

Data breaches are inevitable. And no amount of security protocols can provide absolute assurance that consumer information is protected. With increasing threats of identity theft, who should be responsible for the majority of data breach risk, the consumer or the business? California lawmakers argue that the majority of that burden…

The Evolving Price of User Data to Businesses

Thanks to groundbreaking legislation like the CCPA and CPRA, opt-out requests and other privacy rights are starting to put a price tag on user data.  Many businesses are aware of the consumer’s rights, but they do not know their own. Exercising these rights is a form of negotiation, and how…