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What To Do When Your Privacy Rights Are Breached

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10.Mar, 2020 0 Data Privacy

In a former article on legal rights to privacy, we discussed the accepted classes of rights in respect of data privacy. When we now talk of breach of privacy rights or privacy rights breaches, what is referred to are acts that translate to an invasion of privileges by those obliged to guarantee same rights. The multi-million dollar question thus is: what do you do when your rights are breached?

What you should do when privacy rights are breached, is dependent on the type of rights breached. If the breach is perpetuated by a corporate entity, the first recourse is reporting such rights’ breach is to the necessary regulatory authority. Such breaches – as we’ve discussed in an article on ‘legal rights to privacy‘ – which corporations can be liable for its breach, include:

  • Indiscriminate disclosures of data
  • Data transmission to unprotected locations
  • Refusal to provide a copy of customer data
  • Unconsented gathering of sensitive information; amongst others.

If you aren’t satisfied with the regulator’s action or response, you can as well petition a court that has jurisdiction, for a redress.

However, where the breach was perpetrated by an individual – such as through theft, hacks, and many other breaches that amount to crimes- your best bet is to promptly inform law enforcement so that the perpetrator can be identified and charged to a court of law. But if the breach is of a civil nature, you are obliged to identify the perpetrator and sue them directly.

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