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The Five Core Consumer Rights Under The CCPA California – Part 1

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On a fundamental basis, the state enacts laws to protect consumers. This is prima facie evident under the CCPA California law expected to be in force by January 2020, about a month away. On this note, today’s post will enlighten us on the five core consumer rights under the CCPA California. For easy assimilation, we have divided it into two parts. Two core consumer rights will be addresses today and the rest in a later post. In our previous posts, we gave an overview of what CCPA California is and the three concepts behind it. 

Before we dive in, let’s have a definition of ‘consumer’ under the CCPA California law. The consumer here encompasses any individual resident in California. This includes permanent and temporary residents and even employees. Below are the five consumer rights under the CCPA.

  1. Right to Notice
  2. Right to Access
  3. Right to Opt-Out or Opt-In
  4. Right to Request Deletion
  5. Right to Equal Services and Prices

Now, let’s address each, one after the other.

Right to Notice

If you notice nothing else in the CCPA, you will definitely notice the right to notice. Pun intended. Be put on notice, that you can expect a multitude of notices (emails and papers) in the new year. On the positive side, it is evidence that companies are ensuring their CCPA California compliance.

What will these notices contain? According to the CCPA, this notice is to be given at or before the collection of consumer data. The notice is to outline the categories of personal data collected and the purposes the categories will be used. It doesn’t end here. This notice is expected to be an ongoing one because when additional personal data is collected, or purposes of use changes, notice must be given to consumers. Lastly, under the CCPA, certain specific disclosures must be included in the privacy policies of businesses.

Right to Access

Directly resulting from the right to notice discussed above is the right to access. This is a consumer’s right under the CCPA to request that businesses collecting their data disclose the categories, source, and purpose of the personal data collected. The right to access also holds where the business shares this data with a  third party.

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