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Do I Need Good Contracts? (Yes.)

Contracts are the cornerstone for all of your business relationships. Like playing a football game with no rules, not having a good contract exposes you to greater risks.

Looking over your shoulder, waiting for the next lawsuit to fall, is stressful. By having good contracts in place, you’ll have peace of mind.

Why Can’t I Buy A Template?

Templated contracts are by definition generic. We know that your business isn’t generic so the provisions in a templated contract probably won’t address every situation encountered.

We’ll make sure that your contracts are unique to your business operations — without breaking the bank.

Protect Your Brand And Assets

Millions of businesses lack proper contracts, leaving them exposed to costly litigation. Many business owners think it’s too costly; and others don’t understand the value  of a good contract While ignoring these problems may work for a short term, in the long run, you’re putting your business at risk…skydiving without a parachute.

Legally protect your business, affordably.

What Sets Us Apart

Think all lawyers know contracts? Here’s a test: Crash a Bar Association mixer and ask an attendee their thoughts on limitation of liability provisions triggering insurance obligations.

Don’t be surprised by the blank stares.

We, however, are contract enthusiasts; we’re also lawyers who stay up-to-date on the latest government regulations that affect your businesses.



We are experienced contract attorneys that work with online sellers, brands, software companies, marketers, and startups on a host of contact issues.

Our contract lawyers work with clients throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Asia.