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6.Dec, 2019 0

Key Provisions in an End User License Agreement

If you are reading this through a digital medium, you certainly must have come across an EULA, at least once. An End User License Agreement is a legal document that governs the relations between vendor and user. At the basics, it aims to protect the intellectual property rights of the…

17.Sep, 2019 0

Are End User License Agreements Enforceable?

The general rule is that End User License Agreements are not always enforceable. However, there are instances where they are deemed enforceable as seen in the US court decisions in ProCD, Inc. v. Zeidenberg and Feldman v. Google, Inc. (2007).

12.Sep, 2019 0

What is an End User License Agreement?

EULA is an acronym for End User License Agreement, a legal document that governs the rights and obligations of a software owner and the user who has been granted the license to use the software.

9.Jun, 2018 0

Uber Made #MeToo Changes To Its Terms of Service

Uber is in the middle of a reputation rehabilitation tour, and it changed its terms of service as part of the plan.

14.May, 2018 0

Online Businesses: Time is Running Out To Comply With GDPR

The General Protection Data Rule goes into effect in a matter of days. Are you prepared?

9.May, 2018 0

Thou Shall Not Break This Contract: Readable Terms of Service, SAAS Agreements, and Privacy Policies

Let’s talk about readable terms of service agreements and why they may become the law of the land.

12.Mar, 2018 0

Terms of Service Law: Was MoviePass’ Recent Account Purge Legal?

Did MoviePass Terms of Service violations lead to mass cancellations? Jump in to discuss.

31.Jan, 2018 0


The Ninth Circuit ruled that violating a website’s terms of service does not amount to criminality.

4.Dec, 2017 0

Do’s and Don’ts For Terms of Service and Privacy Policies

Do you know what needs to be in your website’s terms of service and privacy polices?

4.Dec, 2017 1

Avoiding Lawsuits: Why Terms and Conditions, Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy Templates and Generators are Bad

Using free terms of service agreements found online is rarely, if ever, a good idea for businesses and websites.