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Who is Liable in the Event of Data Breach?

In our modern world, data breaches and attacks are fast becoming a frequent phenomenon. From banking to business and healthcare, amongst others. Data breaches are getting more and more sophisticated and brutal. Even those in charge of national defenses i.e. the military aren’t exempted from this menace. The oft-repeated question…

Legal Rights to Privacy (Data)

Undoubtedly, data is the new oxygen of the world we live in. The world is gradually moving to a stage where he who has the data, dictates the tune. The reason for this is none other than our utmost reliance on technologies in the mining, dealing in, and processing of…

Data Privacy for Deceased Persons

Humans, when they are alive, have several rights within the confines of the privacy of their data housed and accumulated by data holders/providers. This body of data privacy rights include rights such as protection against indiscriminate disclosure, right to withdraw consent, right to a copy of their data, amongst others….

Legal Steps to take in Event of a Data Breach

Nowadays, incidences of data breaches and phishing attacks are fast becoming so rampant. If you’ve been a victim of this, it’s important that you take appropriate actions and steps to salvage the situation. Some steps and actions are required by law. Assess What’s Lost Immediately after confirming a data breach,…

The Right To Be Forgotten

Of recent years, the right to be forgotten – or the right to erasure – has gained considerable momentum. It vests in people, the privilege of demanding for specific negative personal data or information from web archives and directories to be taken down.

Caveat Emptor: End User License Agreement Terms

End-user license agreements or EULAs are commonplace in our everyday digital life. We encounter them when we sign up or create accounts on various online platforms such as Facebook, or when downloading and using software on devices. An average tech consumer sees the ticking of the ‘I Agree’ box below…