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31.Mar, 2020 0

Overview of The Washington Privacy Act 2019

Earlier this year, the upper legislative chamber of the State of Washington passed the Washington Privacy Act, one of the US’s supposed strongest consumer data privacy protection regulatory framework. The Act takes into consideration global data protection standards and best practices, as it seeks to strengthen the regime of consumer…

26.Mar, 2020 0

Should end-to-end encryption be banned?

Of late, issues surrounding data protection and security have come to the fore as data breaches, hacks become widespread. Varying interventions have been proffered and implemented by stakeholders to address this widespread plague. One such intervention is end-to-end encryption. End-to-end encryption refers to a system of communication where only the…

24.Mar, 2020 0

Do cell phones qualify as tracking devices under US privacy laws?

As of 2019, there were more cell phones than people in the world. This data shows how indispensable phones have become in our day-to-day life. Asides being used to exchange texts and calls, today’s cell phones perform an endless number of advanced communicative functions such as internet connectivity, sending and…

10.Mar, 2020 0

What To Do When Your Privacy Rights Are Breached

In a former article on legal rights to privacy, we discussed the accepted classes of rights in respect of data privacy. When we now talk of breach of privacy rights or privacy rights breaches, what is referred to are acts that translate to an invasion of privileges by those obliged…

6.Mar, 2020 0

Four Types of Invasion of Privacy

Invasion of Privacy occurs when entities or persons intrude upon the private, personal life or data of another person/entity. The list of ways in which privacy invasions occur is endless, as the world evolves. Talk of illegal data collection and collation, workplace or home monitoring, and various other methods, ways…

4.Mar, 2020 0

The US-UK CLOUD Act Agreement in Brief – Part 1

The Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use Data (CLOUD) Act is a US Act enacted to address data transfer issues across jurisdictions. The Act was put together to ease legal assistance requests for e-evidence, which are increasingly laborious. The Act thus comes in handy in addressing the need for efficiency of e-evidence…

2.Mar, 2020 0

Who is Liable in the Event of Data Breach?

In our modern world, data breaches and attacks are fast becoming a frequent phenomenon. From banking to business and healthcare, amongst others. Data breaches are getting more and more sophisticated and brutal. Even those in charge of national defenses i.e. the military aren’t exempted from this menace. The oft-repeated question…

27.Feb, 2020 0

Legal Rights to Privacy (Data)

Undoubtedly, data is the new oxygen of the world we live in. The world is gradually moving to a stage where he who has the data, dictates the tune. The reason for this is none other than our utmost reliance on technologies in the mining, dealing in, and processing of…

25.Feb, 2020 0

Data Privacy for Deceased Persons

Humans, when they are alive, have several rights within the confines of the privacy of their data housed and accumulated by data holders/providers. This body of data privacy rights include rights such as protection against indiscriminate disclosure, right to withdraw consent, right to a copy of their data, amongst others….

20.Feb, 2020 0

Legal Steps to take in Event of a Data Breach

Nowadays, incidences of data breaches and phishing attacks are fast becoming so rampant. If you’ve been a victim of this, it’s important that you take appropriate actions and steps to salvage the situation. Some steps and actions are required by law. Assess What’s Lost Immediately after confirming a data breach,…